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    Hi All,
    I'm currently working in IT but I would like to change career and get into finance. Although I'm not a mathematician, I have a deep knowledge of mathematics (phd in engineering). I would like to have some tips about how to prepare my CV for screening in a financial firm (for a position as trader or quant analyst).

    In particular, I'd like to have some references I need to look at to grasp the fundamental concepts of etrading, algorithmic trading and trading more generally.

    Other questions include whether CFA may be useful or not in my case, and what can I do to make my CV more attractive for a recruiter.
  2. 1) Ask over at
    2) Some of the finance-related groups at could be of value.
    3) Don't be in a hurry to give up your "day job" just yet. :cool:
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    You might also want to try which has an active Career section for quants, etc.
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    Declining industry where jobs are being destroyed each day and an oversupply of talent and an undersupply of capital. Good luck.
  6. couldn't have been stated any better.

    I'd also like to add that IT more specifically data center architecture and connectivity are HUGE right now.
  7. OP are you in NYC? Want to trade jobs for a few weeks? This finance & trading crap is horrible.
  8. My first thought when I saw this thread title:
    He's jumping from the frying pan into the fire !!!
    No question that IT stinks to high heaven....there's no money in it, but there's lots of stress.
    So I have a degree in Finance and you know what: THATS WORTHLESS TOO right now in this job market where banks are laying off like there's no tomorrow.
    Quite possibly the combination of IT and Finance is the worst of the professional fields at the moment.....besides Realtors and Architects.
  9. not really, CPU architecture has improved leaps and bounds over the last few years and the 08-09 fiasco has forced layoffs but also has encouraged companies to spend for tax cuts.

    datacenters are pretty hot - albeit a little late to jump on that bandwagon but they are still hot.

    the only thing that technology is lacking right now is infrastructure and much of that will be fixed in the next 5-10 years IMO.

    There will be lots of opportunities for IT professionals over the next 20 years as the early stage (currently implemented) hardware will need to be phased out in later years.
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    No money in IT? I discussed this in the past with colleagues that there is probably no other profession that pays as much as IT without an advanced degree. I'm talking jobs that average, competent people can find work in. Not trading which is really just for the elite. If you got 7-8 years in IT and are not making 6 figures, something is wrong.

    The flip side is that it's kinda of boring. :D Take the good with the bad.

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