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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by hcour, Dec 6, 2007.

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    I'm tired of this place looking exactly the same year after year. At least change some colors. Make everything that's red, blue. Or green. Or something, anything besides red.

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    Harold.....9 o'clock in the morning is way too early to start drinking.
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    you can't just demand stuff like this from Baron, he could fire you :eek: :eek:
  4. LOL, I bet the first change the Chief makes is in the Mod department. :p
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    I'm not realllllly a mod. They just needed some help taking some trash out and I was available so I volunteered. The deed is done so I shall probably be requesting to go back to being a regular member next month.

    In the meantime be nice to me or I'll delete all your posts.

  6. open


    well someone is trigger happy

    get the man a hunting license :D
  7. Change is good. I have some recommendations:

    1. Add additional layouts and allow users to choose which skin they view. Traditional style, New style, 13 shades of Green and no other colors, etc.

    2. Regular updates to certain sections of the site, like Books, Brokers, Software, etc.

    3. Add sponsored sections similar to Options Analysis, but for FX, Commodities, Stocks, Newswire stories links, Sponsored embeded code Stock Screener, Moderator-type Contributors who post Articles & Features based on specific subjects which allow for comments about the article from regular users, etc.

    4. User Pics under/next to user name on all user posts.

    5. Seniority based levels of achievements that allow experienced users to help screen spammers and temporarily put a posting pause on new users who spam and start or instigate pie throwing. This could be merged with the Contributor designation...

    I know all of that would cost time and money, but it would probably help ET find growth and more of those Sponsored dolla dollar bills yall...
  8. I ran a phpBB board once and adding skin/styles is a lot of work, each style requires some tweaking. The time would be better spent on other board issues.

    PhpBB has about 100 board styles to choose from, the Athena template has a business blue look and is one of my favorites. I think this board style would be good for ET if it was available.
  9. Daal


    I hope baron never changes anything. et would lose its magic and it would be just another board
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    I was just suggesting varying the color scheme a bit. I hardly think that will corrupt ET's soul, for crimeny.

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