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  1. This thread will serve the purpose of monitoring the efficiency of trades based on a new proprietary one-touch Trading System. Only time (and success percentages) can speak beyond doubt, so no need to say anything more at this point: I expect than within a couple of months hard facts and numbers will speak much better than words.

    Just observe the time stamp of each prediction please.

    Let us start with copper. Its November 2011 Futures will climb to $3.20 up from $3.10 where they are currently trading until the end of this month. If so this would correspond to a 30% profit.
  2. Lean hogs (Dec. 11 contracts): Below $85 (currently at $87.425)

    Natural Gas (Dec. 2011 contracts): Will surpass $3.91 (currently at $3.80)

    All these within the month.
  3. At this very moment (Oct. 13, 2:20 GMT) the Nasdaq Composite Index is showing resilience trading at 2595.

    Don't be misled! It will fall well below 2535 before the end of next week.
  4. Right now the Dec. 2011 Corn Futures are trading around $633.
    They will surpass $650 before Nov. 8.

    Reminder: All target prices gives in the Thread are 'one-touch' i.e. if the Dec. 2011 contracts touch $650.01 anytime between now and Nov. 8 inclusive, the prediction is considered to be successful.
  5. Gold (Dec. 2011 contracts): Will surpass $1700 until Nov. 11
  6. Right now the Dec. 2011 contracts of S&P Stock Index are trading at 1232.
    However they will retreat below 1200 until Nov. 11.
  7. The Swiss Franc Dec. 2011 contracts will depreciate by at least 2.50% until Nov. 22. Even though we don't have specific signals for the USD/CHF pair as well, we would bet that it will appreciate even more than the aforementioned percentage.

    As for our bearish prediction concerning S&P, despite the recent spike due to the EU summit results and their so-called...'solution to the European debt problem', we remain _firm_ on this target price we gave. You see, according to our Trading System's signals, the internatinal stock markets in general will retreat in percentages that we don't even dare to publish! This will happen sometime until late November, but according to our opinion it won't even take that long...
  8. FTSE100 (London): currently at 5578. It will retreat by at least 3%, below 5400.

    Light sweet crude oil (Jan. 2012 contracts): Will retreat below $94

    Copper (Jan. 2012 contracts): Will retreat below $3.48

    Time frame of all predictions: until Dec. 5th
  9. Wheat (Dec. 2011 contracts): Below $640 until Dec. 2
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    So we have 3 days to lose 60+ points?
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