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  1. I think most of you are children playing with daddy's computer while the babysitter watches tv, but if any of you can actually trade, prove it to me with "only" 6 months of profitable statements on a live account (no photoshop results, please, and low SandP correlation) and I will let you trade funds in an account via LPOA.
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    18 year old no longer a kid anymore. 19 year old is an 'adult'.

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    another useless your name and phone number if you are serious other than you are troll thread teasing.

  4. I just finished writing a book called, "stock trading strategies for dummies". Would you like to buy a copy?
  5. No, because if you wrote it for "dummies", you are probably of the same mindset, so both you and the book are of no use to me.
    Run along now, playtime is over.

  6. No, and even though most people would understand the reasons without explanation, apparently you need some handholding, so here are a few reasons:
    1) I am not interested in being bombarded on my personal numbers and/or emails.
    2) We know how most of the people on this board behave, and since the level of maturity leaves much to be desired (as demonstrated by your own post), I don't need to deal with all the "attention".
    3) Confidentiality is a large part of what I require and provide.
    So if you don't like being "teased", go back to "warcraft", or "call of duty", or whatever it is the adolescent gamers are playing this week.

  7. 1) LPOA?.......Limited Power of Attorney?
    2) A good track record over the past 6 months would correlate "well" to the S&P-500 because of its uptrend, wouldn't it? :confused:
  8. Correct on the LPOA nazz.
    Re correlation, I don't want to see a correlation that matches the movement on the SandP when graphed. As an example, when measuring against the SandP, I want to know the manager also shorted at times and made money, and as a result would outperform the SandP.
    The point in investing is to be able to show an "relative return", meaning that an investor is better off letting manager X take care of the money then just investing it into an index and "letting it ride".
  9. Six months?? We have had one of the most powerful rallies in history in all sorts of asset classes and I would think just about everyone has made money. Try three years to separate the winners from the pretenders.
  10. Correct, but that is why I am asking for low SandP correlation and a relative return, not an absolute return.
    I also want to see just how many posters are full of @$#%, and finally, if there is anyone out there with potential, maybe give him/her a chance.
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