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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    After watching the media shit on Romney all night even though he made a pretty good speech it has become blatantly obvious that these "journalists" have gotten rid of any sense of being an unbiased journalist they ever may have posessed.

    So here is a bet for you MrBill, for charity, you can pick any CNN anchor you choose, and the first thing they say about Obamas speech next week at the DNC convention will be positive, guaranteed. It must be a real anchor. You have a huge advantage here if you truly believe the media is unbiased, not only do you get to choose your anchor, but even then their reaction should be 50/50, (if you believe the media is unbiased) plus you have the chance that Obama could actually give a bad speech.

    So here is the bet, If the CNN anchor (of your choice) slams obama's speech, i will donate a hundred to a charity of your choice, when the CNN anchor praises Obama when he is done you must donate to my charity......

    How bout it?
  2. wanna bet huh huh , wanna bet huh?
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    He seems to like making lopsided bets, to boost his ego....... so do I :D
  4. That is ridiculously unlikely:D
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  6. Obama will give a great speech. It will be well scripted and rehearsed. I expect it to be full of more empty rhetoric, but the crowd will be moved to tears. Matthews may breakdown bawling like a little kid.
  7. It will come down to who is quicker on their feet in an ideological firefight. Everyone knows the answer to this, which is why they were grabbing at Newt to lead them for a minute.
  8. wanna bet huh huh , wanna bet huh?
  9. Lucrum


    Dumbo has ALREADY given bad speeches you servile moron.
  10. Servile, new word of the day I see. You might need to reread the definition.
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