Challenge to Jack Hershey

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  1. I believe that J.H. is a lunatic that just posts here to attract people to ET.

    Prove me wrong, Jack and start a journal with live calls or better, open a live account and show us those results.

    Show us that the nonsense that you post is not nonsense..
  2. Hundreds have asked before and hundreds were denied. He can't start a journal because the diametric discrepancy of the dimensions his system operates in versus the real world price action. One is fictional the other is real. It works in scifi movies though. Maybe it's better to ask him the other way around "Write charts that follow your system". Now THAT might just work, as both will be a work of fiction.
  3. Some of you guys get so worked over over Jack H. I don't get it, just ignore the guy.

    You know, the best ignore function lies between your ears...give that a try :)

  4. euclid


    Why do you get so worked up over the guys who get worked up over Jack?

    Is the ignore function between your ears faulty?
  5. Lucrum



  6. is Jack-ass the heir to the Hershey candy company fortune?
  7. Lucrum


    No, Jacks middle name is Hershey his last name is actually Highway.
  8. This is a very good point, which why I put people like them, and you, on ignore instantly.

    See Ya :)
  9. Gayness, all the time gayness. Why don't you just come out Lucrum?:D
  10. You do have a point here but the difference is I'm not angry, it's just silly that this argument is still so prevalent. What's the point of letting someone on the internet get you all riled up, do you enjoy high blood pressure? :)

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