Challenge to Any Republican: Reconcile These Statements (Video Attached)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ByLoSellHi, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. If ANY Republican is up to the challenge, reconcile the statements of Rove, Dick Morris, or Bill O'Reilly, so that they can be defended as anything other THAN RAVING HYPOCRITES AND POLITICAL TOOLS as stated by their own words in this video:

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  2. Yawn! And I suppose there's no hypocrisy or political tools on the left. You're gonna' have to do better than this to stop the Palin train. The business as usual crap won't work. Step up your game or suffer a humiliating defeat.
  3. These commentators (all on Fox) speak directly to issues about Palin's experience or qualifications, or what's fair game in bringing up about her.

    You can't meet the challenge?
  4. Political operatives and a talking head speak out of both sides of their mouths. WOW! That's quite a find. Challenge? There is no challenge when both sides are full of shit.
  5. So the right wing republicans are full of shit.

    Thanks for speaking the truth...

  6. Yes! I thought that was obvious. Don't think my contempt for the radical left is to be taken as support for the radical right. But, in full disclosure, I do think the radical left is far more dangerous than the radical right, so I do attack them more often. Just a personal choice in a target rich environment.
  7. Interesting, your news sources are the National Enquirer and the Daily Show. I hear Jerry Springer is planning on broadcasting an election 2008 special. I am sure you will tune in.

    BTW, your buddy ZZZzzzzzzzz started the same thread. Try to be a little more creative next time.
  8. So in effect you are saying Sarah Palin is full of shit, right?

  9. Yep - it's pretty apparent that no one should listen to any opinion these turd-heads have on anything.

    The only record is outcomes - when people are in elevated positions, what do they DO that affects their county/state/country.

    That's why the DNC and RNC are nothing but a big yawn.

    I do wonder if McCain will revert back to his "ultra-maverick" ways if he's elected though - basically only doing what he needs to do now - co-opting those voters he needs to get in order to get in the door.

    That's what made him popular in 2000, and it's a personality trait, so it's not something he can shake off easily, though he may be able to hide it for the campaign process...
  10. No more so than Obama, Biden, or McCain and a whole host of others.
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