Challenge of Weekly Profit trading Futures

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  1. Hello recently I have become a profitable futures trader.

    I was wondering if anyone here wants to challenge me with a SIM account trading ES for 1 week at max 2 contract? winner gets $50

    just wanted to see. I know I will win. How about you?
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  2. Peter10


    what if you win, loser pay $50?
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  3. How much cash does the Sim account have to start with?
  4. Trade4gainz,

    Can I use sim trading with CL futures? I do not trade ES anymore.
  5. Loser pays $50 to the winner. trade cl or es doesn't matter the $ amount at the end of the week will count. max 2 contract, whatever balance we start with has nothing to do as long as the profit gain is larger. but no trade more than 2 contract. max position size 2 contract

  6. I don't want any money from losers, but if I lose I have no problem paying the winner $50

  7. SURE!
  8. buy one on the open this evening and the second one at 2830 hold till friday close.
  9. Any new username called "Trade4gainz".

    If he wins he gets your $50 and if he loses he disappears maybe? Call me an old cynic :)

  10. read my post above I said if I win I don't want the $50 if I lose I will pay the $50

    nobody loses anything
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