Challenge Of the Year

Discussion in 'Trading' started by coolweb, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Who here thinks they can trade up to this size PROFITABLE after commissions with:

    30 ER contracts ( 8 point range)

    or 50 YM Contracts profitably (100 point range),

    or 50 ES contracts profitably range (10 point range)

    Swing Trading (5-10 days) or even (daytrading 2-3 days)

    No scalping though , they are a different breed.

    By the end of this year.

    Show of hands please, I want to see all the players in this forum.
    And the up and coming.

    We can setup a game, a contest, a free PSP, anything that will take the contestants up and beyond their normal trading limits.
  2. Your in borderline chit chat, hookup territory.. there better be some trading related replys.
  3. TGregg


    This is almost certainly gonna end up in CC, but maybe we can give them a chance. (And here I just posted about how I should be the Prick Mod). Seriously tho, post the trades, as real time as ya can. Folks that post one tick from the high or low an hour ago will be flamed. And hopefully unmoderated, let them suffer in public. Can't promise that tho, seeing as how this ain't my forum.