CHALLENGE: Explain Jack's system in comprehensible English.

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  1. Let's see who can do it. IN ONE POST, EXPLAIN JACK'S SYSTEM IN A WAY THAT CAN BE DUPLICATED BY ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. The test is, 2 or more people should be able to read what you say and get the same/similar trading results. DO NOT include anything Jack did not say.

    No one will be able to do it (not even Jack). :eek:

  2. I suggest we include aliens as well. I am not sure humans will be able to do that, but if we really want to know what he is talking about and I for one do, then enlisting some extraterrestials may not be such a bad idea. Anyone has befriended any ET lately?
  3. balda


    Can you explain any of your's strategies?

    good luck.
  4. okwon


    Hey check out his posts on:

    The posts, or at least his use of English are/is somewhat more understandable than his posts on ET. There also seem to be all sorts of charts and stuff he posted on his methods there, as well as a bunch of his students/followers/whatever that you may be able to ask questions to regarding his methods.

    I can't comment on his method because I'm still trying to figure out what is going on, but at least the guy writes posts that are understandable on the other site.

    Good luck.
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    Fruity, since you have basically pronounced Jack's methods to be bogus, I can only assume that you understand what he has posted, and therefore need no further help.
  6. AMEN!!
  7. If you mean me, then I cannot explain the strategies that I have backtested and use and the reason is very simple: they are proprietary. However, in due time I will release them to the public. You will then be able to see them if you pay for that. If you don't like that, don't pay.

    That's the difference between my strategies and those of Jack. I can prove that they work or at least have in the past. As a matter of fact, they are amusingly simple, again unlike Jack's ideas.

    As far as my discretionary strategies are concerned, I could share some of them with you, but don't have time for that. They work, but you will not hear from me that they will bring you $30,000 (not to mention more) in one year because a claim like that requires some evidence, something that Jack and his followers obviously cannot comprehend.
  8. I am not saying that at all. I am not even anti-Jack. What I'm trying to do is help us all get a clear understanding of what Jack is trying to teach. I have no idea if what he has said works or not. With what I know/understand right now, I wouldn't even know how to trade like Jack with any confidence that I am doing things correctly. :-/

    FRuiTY PeBBLe
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    to make the horse goes distance the owner dangling a carrot ahead of it. In the end the horse get to eat the carrot and it went the distance without knowing what owner did.
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    I will take a shot at whats going on in Jack's strategies, feel free to rip me.

    Jack is using a couple of stochastics and a Macd.

    The macd is supposed to indicate a strong or sustained trend is in place and then for his entry he is looking for a new momentum pop with the stochastic. Which is to say hey we have a trend here and now based on the stochastic over its look back period the instrument is starting to close near it extremes again. So lets jump on board and we should stay on board until the instrument starts to reverse its momentum.

    To me it would not matter what the settings are. What matters is that you have to believe that markets will following through when in a sustained trend and that you have to have the discipline to stay on all the moves to they start to reverse. You will lose a little and make a little in chop but you will occasionally get on a really nice long move.

    Now if you think Jack's method is going to allow you to be a mini turtle and you have the discipline to hold on for the few big moves it may work. But it may not. It depends on you.
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