Chair Mat for Carpet

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TGregg, Dec 9, 2010.

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    A few years ago, I posted about plastic chair mats and somebody here (I forget who, but thank you) suggested I try tempered glass. My third plastic mat has broken down and I finally bought a nice glass replacement.

    It’s *much* better! When I had plastic mats, my chair would make depressions in the mat then it would want to roll back into the depressions. After a few years, they’d crack and look terrible:

    <IMG SRC=>

    Not any more :).

    After searching, the best prices I could find were at Its $238 shipped to Charlotte for the one I ordered (46” square with beveled edges):

    <IMG SRC=>
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    Old mat post holder.
  3. Years ago I had a chair mat made of some sort of thick plastic. It yellowed and curled a bit on the edges, but never cracked.... used it for 10+ years.

    Nowdays mats are thinner and within 6-12 months, fall apart just like the picture in OPs thread.
  4. Are those your trading gloves on your chair?
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    To bad you don't have a desk to make it worthwhile. :D
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    My desk has been customized. I like to sit up higher so I put it up on blocks. You can see one of the blocks in the picture. There's also a picture of it in the <I>Pictures of your trading station</I> thread.