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  1. Is there anything more fun to use than a chainsaw? Seriously. The only thing that comes close is a machine gun. And they are not available at the Home Depot.
  2. Nothing compares to crushing a well-placed drive. So I'll vote for an Extra Firm Big Bertha...
  3. I'll never forget the time that guy stole a tank in California and just went down residential streets running over lexus', BMW's, light poles, trucks, etc.

    Obviously, what he did was bad but I think everyone could, at one time or another, sympathize with how he felt that day. It must be an awesome feeling going down the freeway and having some just try and cut you off in a tank.
  4. At the Home Depots in Texas, they sell machine guns but no chainsaws.

    Oh, and you should rent "Falling Down" from your movie store some day: great one, our employees in the back office/accounting department praise it approximately every second day.

  5. I remember that. As I recall though, the police shot and killed him. I was never quite sure why theycouldn't have just pulled him out of the tank or tossed tear gas in it, after it was stopped and the hatch was open.
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    cmon triple AAA...... next time a 50k pound machine is barreling down the highway at 40 mph...we should have our officers stop and determine the best way to handle this....:D
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    I could put things in here, but with all the murders and terrorist stuff, it is not really funny anymore.

    Kinda takes the fun out of high explosives and machine guns.:(
  8. I thought in Texas they just dragged people from trucks to feel powerful.

  9. I thought the tank had stopped. Got stuck against some cars or something. I agree that I wouldn't want to be sitting in traffic with a tank rolling over cars. That's worse than the semi's on I-95 tailgating you at 80 mph.
  10. Not bad. My old golf pro said it was better than sex. Maybe for him.

    Personally, I love the sound of a revving two stoke engine. Particularly when it is attached to two feet of cutting chain.
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