Chaiken Oscillator

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by anthonyg96, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Anyone know good ways to put this thing to use. trying to play with it in metastock but it is too choppy to figure out good entries and exits
  2. this indicator is NOT a primary one....

    It's too choppy and erratic to use for your main buying & selling signals

    It should always be used to confirm your other indicators.
  3. I think it is best used on EOD data. It is a good filter for stock trades on a longer timeframe.
  4. might be worth the time to reverse engineer the indicator to see what the creator of it had in mind for it,

    that might give some clues where its most useful, instead of just forcing it to work in a stream of confirmation indicators....

    real trading environments usually don't allow for these types of (almost useless) indicators to be used, as the action shows itself in price and trading volumes (tape reading) and when you're in the thick of the move, there's rarely time for confirmation by some indicators...
  5. I like the concept of reverse engineering but am not sure where to start..any ideas