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    Does cgpn have a future...would anybody take a risk that extreme?
  2. I used to be a penny stock broker. 80% of the companies my firm recommended are no longer in business. This has the same type of signs.

    The market is very efficient at pricing things for what they are truely worth. I'd avoid this one.
  3. Unless you know something about the fundies of this company, I'd avoid it. The chart really looks like poop, and anything under 2 bucks isn't worth your trouble unless it's super oversold and due for a dead catter.
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    I did some looking into the shareholders.......2 of them support dell...their on the board....They were thinking of a reverse split 25 to 1.then a 10 to 1 .....and then not all... i think they money......their just waiting until the device is out....i don't know...
  5. Reverse splits have a history of soon retreating back to the old price after happening. This stock is now trading on the pink sheets. Odds of getting off are very slim. Mutual funds are usually 80% of the market. They don't touch the pink sheets.