CFTC to the Rescue

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ljyoung, May 29, 2008.

  1. Let's see what this does.

  2. As long as you have Paulson is the white house, having the back of specs, i.e., GS, no real players will be taken to jail!

    In order to buy at 110 when CL was about to crack 4 weeks ago or so, and move it up straight to 135, you are not involved in risk associated trades, you have collusion on the part of big trading desks on WS led by GS who know ahead of time, via risk free trades, where the market is going.

    The only way you can make that trade is if you are manipulating the market, as people were holding overnight at 128, that takes "knowing that you control the oil market like a puppet master" or you can trot out your analyst to run a 200 call, and when it started to sell off, a 141 call.....THE FOLLOWING WEEK...........that is illegal............and totally irresponsible, there is supposed to be a separation between the analyst side, and the trading side of the firm, biggest bs of all!

    We only have 6 months left in the year for oil to average 141, it would have to trade well above that like 174, for an extended period of time, no credible analyst can make that call with a straight face, unless he is told what to write------------until somebody brings down GS---------THIS SHIT WILL CONTINUE TO GO ON AT WS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GS NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED---AFTER this and the way they came out with that convenient analyst call with PJ that BIDU was worth exactly 27 a share, after they promoted it with such fervor on the IPO, you know they told an analyst to write that report, as the stock was just starting to break out, and they were either going to be sued by BIDU for bringing the IPO in to cheap, and reaping the huge difference, or they were short the stock at high levels, or somebody they had investment banking relations with needed that stock to go down----bottom line GS paid 18 billion in bonuses in 2007-----they are the biggest cheats on WS---in the world----at least the cocaine cartel doesn’t have plants in the white house backing up their ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES---------PAULSON IS FAR TOO CLOSE TO GS TO BE OBJECTIVE----GS has too many former high ranking GS EXECS in influential positions where conflicts of interests are being utilized against the best interests of FAIR AND BALANCED CAPITAL MARKETS!!!!