cftc excess net capital

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    if i understand correctly the report is a means of conveying solvency of firms. what's the minimal "good" number then? depends on the size of the firm i know, but the excess net capital and size being proportional, what's a "good" ratio, if such exists?
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    ok wtf i have created three threads recently asking specific market questions and all of them went unanswered... dumb threads gets dozens of posts....this forum is becoming worse by each day...
  3. You don't understand. Most people on here don't know much about anything of value. You're trying to ask a question that might actually have a factual answer that could be found out elsewhere. Unless someone actually knew the answer, they'd be risking having their ignorance found out. There's no appeal to that. Welcome to the Opinion forum. Sorry.
  4. My suggestion is to reply to Chicago CTA's post at the following thread and ask him to elaborate on excess net capital:
  5. They are set up like a casino. This doesn't mean you can't win. It's just that most of the people that come in the doors will lose.