CFTC disclosures:72-79% of FXCM and GAIN customers lost money each quarter last year

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  1. At FXCM, 75% to 77% of customers lost money each quarter last year, according to newly required disclosures to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. At Gain, which operates through, the number of unprofitable customers hovered between 72% and 79% every quarter last year, according to its filing.

    Ouma made two mistakes: investing on credit and trying to make a buck by predicting changes in currency exchange rates, something best left to professionals, according to personal finance experts.

    Question: when will FXCM finally start a Managed Forex platform open for the public?
  2. You figure they would've seen the light by now. A managed acct setup would definitely help them in the area of customer retention. Better than depending on the quick imploding, "I wanna make a million in one month" , I use 15 indicators, full leverage newbies.

    Lets see how long it takes FXCM to take their head out of their ass..