CFTC control of trader competitions

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    Copy to ET

    From ssss
    To CFTC ,office of Director


    Author of this e-mail have some questions about CFTC responsibility.
    Excuse the author if questions are not relevant .

    Author ( to date multiple trader contest prize money winner
    in Germany and USA) planned to participate in different
    trader contest with real money in USA .

    Experinece of the author with different trader contest's
    stated about multiple legal problem's in judgement ,conditions
    by any art of contest's.Author expected different kind of problem's
    by real money CFTC related trader competitions .

    As example
    1.contest by FXCM

    no any result of any contestants from 4000 is public
    until end of the contest (one month)

    To compare -by interbankfx result is public with small delay

    2. Did CFTC controlled Robbins contest ? in e-mini ?
    as example result of L.Williams was accepted from NFA
    as "...deceptive statement "

    Can CFTC say about any prize winner ,that this have not
    any offset accounts ?

    3. Did CFTC controlled fund manager competition ?

    Relevant comment would appreciated
  2. Your letter will not have much influence because your English grammar is very bad. If your concern about this issue is genuine, and if you hope to be taken seriously by the CFTC, hire someone whose English is excellent and pay her to correct your errors. She could begin with
    • Plurals
    • Possessives
    • Verb tenses
    all of which you got wrong in the draft version above. I'm sure she will suggest that you make quite a large number of changes.
  3. ssss


    Dear sir

    Not interessed in any opinion to any questions ,with exception of Goverment authority . As experience stated can clear problem
    to USA authority without problem .

    All another without matter .Military principle of conzetration -
    concetrate on most important issue and economy of the force -
    to issue ,which not most important ,no more attention ,as reasonoble ...

    Best wish ...
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    From "Gold, Barbara S." <> [Add]
    To "ssss [Add]
    Cc "DCIO Internet" <> [Add]
    Subject RE: CFTC control of public trader competition Show full header

    In response to your inquiry below, pleased be advised that:

    1. Neither the Commodity Futures Trading Commission nor any member of its staff comments on the merits of trading with any particular person; and

    2. Section 4o(2) of the Commodity Exchange Act provides that:

    It shall be unlawful for any commodity trading advisor,
    associated person of a commodity trading advisor, commodity pool
    operator, or associated person of a commodity pool operator registered
    under this chapter to represent or imply in any manner whatsoever that
    such person has been sponsored, recommended, or approved, or that such
    person's abilities or qualifications have in any respect been passed
    upon, by the United States or any agency or officer thereof. This
    section shall not be construed to prohibit a statement that a person is
    registered under this chapter as a commodity trading advisor, associated

    person of a commodity trading advisor, commodity pool operator, or
    associated person of a commodity pool operator, if such statement is
    true in fact and if the effect of such registration is not
  5. sss - the above post is right - you need correct English here if you expect any results. Your letter is simply difficult to read and cannot be taken seriously.
  6. ssss


    Dear Sir

    Author definitly interessed only for authority opinion . CFTC
    stated (and this statement would true alsov for native
    USA resident) ,that CFTC would not support by complaint
    any invidual ...

    From this point of view -
    All trading result's by contest's of FXCM,robbinstrading, PFG CTA are without signature of CFTC

    Exist good chance ,that multiple trading record's was performed with offset account's
    Or simple creation of broker ,or broker and operator
    as was in the case of Larry Williams .

    Fiction with objective win new clients and clients money

    2. About english ...

    Author suspect ,that most credible person in history
    was and to date is Thengiz-Khan

    He can not write and can not read any book
  7. artis74


    outstanding. learn how to write in proper english borat.

  8. ssss


    Gorgias proposal -
    . Nothing exists
    ii. Even if existence exists, it cannot be known
    iii. Even if it could be known, it cannot be communicated.

    exist not english ...
    exist not proper ...
    exist not any word ...
  9. Why would you think the CFTC would regulate a competition? You're not trading real contracts and you had no expectation that you would be trading real contracts.

    If you can point to the contest rules and show the contest organizer did not pay you, you might have a case for fraud, but that's about it. Your choices are:

    1) Sue them in court
    2) Complain to the Better Business Bureau

    The CFTC can't do a thing unless you had a real brokerage account and traded real contracts.
  10. ssss


    1. fxcm ,interbanfx,robbinstrading ,pfg CTA

    all are real money competitions

    2. " ...Multiple angle of attack and reinforce this direction ,which advanced"
    Helmut von Moltke

    All related regulator,to each e-mail adress
    on regulator side -CFTC,NFA,Court,FBI

    From author experience ,only in this case
    complaint can be successful
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