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  1. Does anyone have any experience with CFT Financials (Andy Priston's new firm w/ several ex-refco traders)? Any traders or interviewees care to share pros/cons?? If yes, which office do you have experience at, trading or interviewing? Much appreciated...
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    I have been trading for CFT Financials in London now for about 4 weeks. The support they have given me has been great so far and they seem to be very professional. The Montreal office opens next week I think. The clearer they use FCT have also been very good especially with access to information.
  3. Hello,
    Could you tell us what platform you guys use at CFT as well as desk fees/commission structure? Thanks.
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    We use TT.

    Round turn fees are tailoured to the individual trader depending on size etc. Desk fees are about £1500 per month.
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    FCT are a bunch of jokers. Pure money launderers with their Apprentice scheme which they keep advertising. They are just after your money.

    Be careful with them is my only advice.

    Not sure how CFT fit into this though. They are a separate entity with Andy Priston involved. But its name is just FCT rearranged so must be linked. Plus their office are in FCT.

    All a bit iffy to me........... If anyone else can add it would be good.
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    I have been informed that CFT clear FCT and Goldmans, surely CFT are using FCT as a clearer only?????

    It would be interesting to know if FCT are in control of the company or just there to clear the business.
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    I'm pretty sure that FCT are part owners of CFT. The name differential says it all.

    If not, then i find it odd how CFT are using FCT's office space to trade.

    Any more info would be good.
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    I just thought is was an agreement similar to what Fortis offers their groups. Office space and clearing but nothing to do with the running of the company, maybe I was wrong - anyone?
  9. this may be somewhat simple and reductionist, but if cft is good enough for andy priston...

    i have also heard some things about fct, but no personal experience on my part. any info is appreciated...
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    Some funny posts on here.

    Its amazing how much the industry is driven by monkey's with rumours and guys who here things through the grape vine.

    1.So far FCT have been very good. Both on a business point of view and on a personal point of view.
    2. FCT only clear for CFT they have nothing to do with the management of the business. I have only dealt with the directors of CFT.
    3. I love the story about FCT being money lauderers. You tell me what clearer is NOT after your money. Sounds like Kamikaze has some bad blood cause he done his arse trading and is looking to blame some-one.
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