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    Madrid, people are still waiting for their apologies from your prior rude comments.

    Now go back and apologize to mmcormac you shameless idiot. You were wrong, now go say sorry and admit your shame stupid.
  3. why did you create two threads about cfds?
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    because he was proven to be a huge fool in the other one and thought he could start off fresh in this one without having called a bunch of people idiots and accused the US government of being pigs.

    he's an idiot, ignore him. i'll wait here why the mental police come to pick him up and take him off to bed.
  5. as an attempt to make this thread somewhat useful. who here is tired of paying taxes? does anyone consider spending a majority of their year outside the US (or Canada in my case) in order to save 50%~ of their income from the tax man? at what point would you consider doing this (300,000$+?)? seems like the easiest way to double your income. any thoughts?

    id happily spend my winters in the bahamas, caymens, monaco if it negates my tax obligations.
  6. 3 now. The guy is out of control. Where the hell are the moderators? Maybe he bought them...Maybe he bought this site:confused:
  7. maybe he has a beef with CFDs and knows by associating them with himself he might have the opportunity to stop them from getting a little business. :p
  8. Are there any tax professionals around? The reason CFD's used to be blocked in the USA is because they wouldn't be able to tax them. I am guessing that the gov't has figured out a way to tax them and that's why is available now. Does anyone have any light to shed on this?

    FYI- I won't be trading them I'm just wondering if anyone actually understands how the tax situation would work.
  9. would'nt they tax any end profits made by trading them?
  10. I don't know that's why I asked. I think it has something to do with the fact that it isn't really trading (Physical exchange of goods). It works like that in the UK from what I understand.

    I have to admit I don't want to waste much more time on this as CFD's are a joke... The only thing that MAY make them ok is if they can be LEGALLY traded without getting taxed on the profits, and IFFFFFF you can actually find a good company to use.
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