CFD's - good or bad ?

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  1. Oh,man..what CFD`s have to do with the stupid kid?
  2. One of the ET sponsor - IC Markets - amazing broker, supports many CFD`s currencies,metals, etc...But it`s not for the US folks, afaik.
  3. Uh, Dude....he decided to leverage himself and trade CFD's instead of stocks outright.
    He knew what he was getting into.
  4. He would`ve lost it all with the furures or stocks even faster.
  5. btw, to trade 1 DAX cfd with IC Markets you need 85 bucks.Damn kid is just plain asshole.
  6. cole_


    yeah they're ok but iirc all cfd brokers are bucket shops

    nadex spreads are very similar but it's only up to weekly expiration

    $1/tick and fully unleveraged so no margin calls
  7. all the fuss about cfds i think i know what.if it was allowed in the US no one would trade futures anymore.with the 10K account you can trade from 1 to 100 sp-500 cfd back and forth forever.1 spoo cfd is just a couple of did he managed to blow up 10K!!!he couldve caught the bottom even if he added 1 contract per 10 minutes.he`s probably loaded full margin within 2 seconds.
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  8. Of course...he didn't know what he was doing....that's now obvious.
    You can't mess around with these levels of volatility.
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  9. indeed.with 2 bucks per contract even martingale would work!
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