CFD Trading?

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  1. Is there a work around for a U.S. citizen who wants to trade CFDs in place of Futures?
  2. Open an account with a European broker such as SwissQuote or InvestorsEurope.
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    AFAIK, this is impossible if you show residence in the US.
  4. Wrong.

    Most brokers will not, but the two I mentioned will (and legally too, under the "unsolicited" exemption in U.S. law).
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    Interesting. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the tip. If only I could read the language on the Swiss site. LOL
  7. It should detect that you are in an English speaking country and give you English.

    If not, try
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    Too bad for me there does not appear to be an API - metratrader won't work for me. :(
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    Why would you want to trade CFD's instead of futures?
  10. From my research thus far, CFD's seem to require less margin and the ability to trade in smaller lots if one wants to trade commodities. I was talking to a friend who lives overseas. He trades the spot oil and gold markets through CFDs and pays much smaller margin. He was shocked when I told him that I'm paying $10k margin to trade gold and $4,500 to trade Crude Oil. Unfortunately, he couldn't assist me in what I'm asking here.
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