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Discussion in 'Trading' started by stisoon, Jan 26, 2007.

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    hmm..... considering that I am trading CFDs for 3 years now

    you can ask me any question about it.

    but I won't share any info about my lady, out of fear that you will steal her.


    (hows that for a weird post) :p

  3. are you living in the us, I thought us folks can't trade cfds
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    yes that is what I thought

    as it turns out, there are companies that will do it

    some won't accept US people, unless you have larger account

  5. so you can PM me if you like, or post here... On this CFD place you speak of? Have been looking for a place that’s legit, as 99% of emm are in business to screw us over!
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    hi, could you PM me to possible places, books, etc to learn more about CFDs, their markets, market makers?

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    What's the difference between CFDs and futures contracts?
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    why do you need a PM? why not post it so everybody can benefit?