CFD platform with API

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jsiegendorf, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know of a CFD platform that has an api to program to? It seems Saxo is in the process of making one but they said it will not be out until later this year.

  2. qazmax


    This may be off topic but why aren't CFD allowed in the US??

  3. Because some bureaucrat decided that they would protect us from the big bad scary market and not let us choose to invest our money where we want to. There really is no other good reason.
  4. maybe they are scared the stock market would go dead.. seing CFDs have low margins?
  5. rosy


    CFDs are almost the same as an equity swap or total return swap both of which trade actively in the US.
  6. qazmax


    I am almost afraid to ask, but what is the equity section of a CDO composed of?


    A CDX is a future contract with no expiration correct?

  7. rosy


    the poster asked about CFDs (contract for difference). CDOs are nothing like that. CDOs are pooled assets that are sold as a whole. The equity tranche is the garbage, has no rating, is first to be affected by defaults, and gets the leftovers of payments. i think CDX is an index for credit swaps to be priced off.