CFD commodity Trading for a newbie

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  1. I suggest that you consider (ROM) return on margin with futures.
    DonÕt be afraid to sell short. You might want to check seasonals for the fundamental side. Technical should work about the same.
    First time I heard the ÒJim Rogers was great.Ó But, you are familiar with Livermore. He has plenty to say about Òprice-you-see is the price-you-get trading.
    One, CFDs are available for thousands of stocks from 19 of the world's major exchanges use something with plenty of liquidity.
    None, follow what you trade unless you are going to trade the index.
    If you can find a specialist in what you want to trade, follow his newsletter only. With one letter you can make a bundle, two you will go broke. Stay away from TV news.
    Jake Bernstein is a good start. Joe Ross is a good teacher. He will send you some online ebooks chapter by chapter that will be of great help.
    Just use search!
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