CFC tanking

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  1. no. 22

    no. 22

    Down about 5% so far today, was more than 20% up yesterday's open and fell all the way down.
    BAC down about 0.5%.
    No confidence?

  2. Its a sucker stock. Why play that crap? Want to lose money?
  3. Yea garbage like lend
  4. Been here a month and have 172 posts. Good job! You might confer with Longhorns for tips to accelerate the proecess.

    The day CFC capitulated at $15ish, it closed at $20.

    That's 25%,..................... in an afternoon.

    Nope, I didn't get. I do know the specialist did.
  5. no. 22

    no. 22

  6. 1. Payout? Maximum potential nominal gain, 100%. A one bagger. Wouldn't be overnight. It's the same 100% from $50 to 0 or $20 to 0. Problem is, $50 to $20 has already occurred. And, ask any real short seller about the "last buck".

    2.. Yes, there is the CBOE. A whole new den of thieves. And at the dictate of the NYSE specialist in CFC. His sandbox. $15 to $20 in 3 hours demonstrates he can ruin your day.

    3. You might consider watching a little less TV and study the mechanics of price movement a little more. Just a passing thought.

    4. There is always someone on the OTHER side. Every tick. IF you know of a restaurant that serves free lunch, please let me know.
  7. no. 22

    no. 22

    It doesn't scare me. I rode it down Thursday & Friday and will ride it again whenever it is weak (it is better than a free lunch). CBOE and the specialist are bogy men.
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    no. 22

    The decline continues ...
  9. Not trying to scare you. Amused with your ego needs. Pointing out you're babbling about a one-bagger that's already moved from $45 to $15.

    As for the specialist, why he's the entity most married to this stock. IF you get a lick, it stems from his agenda, not your trading acumen. Just along for the ride.
  10. no. 22

    no. 22

    no investors here.
    in & out only.
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