CFC earnings

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  1. anyone getting in on this? They just announced they're cutting their dividend... what an awesome short
  2. Short to $1 then buy and sell at $2 for a 100% gain on the upside! :D
  3. um, I think this is going to $100 by years end.

    Um, (I like to use that alot), there isno supbrime, it is al a skam fur yu dumasces. stik with mi.
  4. lol
  5. At the moment I am short 2000 will close soon. Closed 2000 (intraday trade)already 14.10->12.30ish
    I don't hold shares into earnings.

    I have been in and out for months.

    Let's see if we can take out 12.75...spoke too soon there we go.....
  6. testing 13 at the moment
  7. I wonder how much Mozillo is going to cook the books... I'm betting on an 8 billion dollar profit for this quarter
  8. I'm honestly scared to touch this right now in either direction.

    My gut says they pull a horseshoe out of their ass tomorrow and it goes higher with some b.s finance deal.

    I also think everyone and their mother is short or has puts and are so deep in the money right now and just want to cash in.

    An AHM like situation won't happen on this puppy. They will figure out a way to survive. But if it does happen and opens at $1 down the road, I will load up so much on that cover bounce. Still waiting for another opportunity like that with cash on the sidelines. Scalping .25-.50 moves on this right now is not worth it.
  9. gobar


    shorting a stock which is already going down... isnt that a naked short selling...

  10. Don't you know how to trade a security? Are you a spectator or a trader?
    It's dollar moves going on in cfc 14>12. You should have shorted this am and made $$$$. Or for a swing last week and get out TODAY ...NOT hold over night going into earnings. That isn't even a consideration for me.

    You have the wrong idea about shorting stocks and the price movements occurring at the moment. You don't even consider whether you should short here today and hold overnight going into earnings. Smart trader (ME) will be out end of day) and re-enter tomorrow after I here what is reported by the co and observe the price movement. I have had long term short positions on this one and a few dozen other housing stocks. Also day trading positions. ALL swing positions close today.

    Good LUCK keep your eye on this one.

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