CFC and Mozilo just keeps on selling and selling

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by THE-BEAKER, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. he exercised some big options in august.

    he unusually did two big clips of 92000 shares at $28.74 and 110000 shares at $28.06 up to the 13th august 2007.

    jsut before it collapded down.

    nice going mate.

    oh where are the shares now.


    :D :D
  2. mokwit


    Shades of ENRON etc.
  3. yes - whats 1/2 a billion dollars of exercised options gonna get you when you end up sucking someones cock in a federal prison for 20 years.

    if he goes inside he might lose the fake tan as well.
  4. Who says he wont enjoy prison.

    That tan makes me suspect.
  5. Would you terminate your 10b5-1 if you thought your company might only have weeks of life left?

    If he was smart, Mozilo setup his offshore accounts several years ago in various situses around the world.

  6. mokwit


    Is that tan from frequent travel to the BVI and Cayman?

  7. Mozillo is Black.