CFA worthwhile for post-college guys like me?

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    CFA worthwhile for post-college guys like me?

    Need really serious input.

    I've been at a small financial institution for 4 years or so, and feel like I'm hindered w/ growth. The whole sector has been tough, and I've been wanting more input in terms of what I should do. Either pursue a CFA, or find a diff't position more related to the market.

    I would say, I know the operations pretty well at my work place, but feel like I'm being blown off on a chance to move upwards.

    I guess I feel like I'm in a mid-life crisis. I'm 30 years old, have a stable job, but feel like I have to make a move before I remain stuck.

    I gather that LEVEL 1 can be passed via test-prep books, but LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3 are a thing in itself. In essence, this degree isn't like a MBA, rather, you need to KNOW YOUR SHET TO PASS IT, RIGHT?
  2. Uhmnnn, we need to knwo a little more, for example, on the sample question below please answer in 5 words or less,... we ain''t got all day here...

    How do you lose money in the Forex market?
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    What type of background? I haven't been in the real-working world that long, but I would say, I've been at my current position for about 5 years or so after getting my undergrad in Business w/ emphasis on Real Estate (lol).

    I am experiencing a lot of political issues at work and feel blown off quite a few times. I want growth for myself and my career. But, I am not getting it. I feel like I cannot continue to waste my time here if I am not given a shot. All the hardwork means nothing if my vertical superiors do not give me time.

    I'm nothing more than a staff member working around investments, particularly the fixed income side. You could say, I'm nothing more than a CLERK! But I had something going, until the big dept head restructured everything. Now, I am on the losing end of the 'favoritism' game.


    I had considered changing positions, but that's very very tough. I don't know if I want to take a 180. Rather, I want to find that next stepping stone. However, the reality of this sector's growth is extremely limited and will be for the time being. If it weren't for the sake of benefits and stability, I would've left.

    What have others done? Would do?

    Ideally, I'd like to find a position related to my pursuit of a CFA. It'd make no sense for me to take a 180, and do the CFA.
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    If they'll pay for it, do it. Get all the free education that you can.

    No downside whatsoever.