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  1. I'm looking for some feedback on the CFA program from people who have received their designation or those who are currently undergoing the process (level 1, 2, or 3).

    I plan to enroll in the program -- most likely in the coming months -- and I'd like to have an idea as to both the time and financial commitments associated with the program. I've thoroughly reviewed the CFA website (, but I'm more interested in people's personal experiences with the program.

    While any and all feedback is welcome, there are two points with which I am particularly concerned:

    1) Did you utilize any outside exam preparation material, such as Schweser? Was it useful? Would you classify it as stand alone or complementary material? Anything else?

    2) How much study time is required to pass the test? Obviously, everyone learns at his or her own pace, but the recommended study times offered by sponsoring organizations, in this case the CFA Institute, seem to address the needs of the greatest number, rather than the most dedicated and able learners.

    Again, any thoughtful response is encouraged whether you address my primary concerns or not.

    Feel free to PM me.

    Thanks Elite Traders!
  2. i SPENt 4 months studying for level 1 and then quit.........

    About 20 hours of reading per week, i was not a finance major so i bought the text books which are more comprehensive. People with prior background knowledge do use the secondary programs, Shweser is the most popular.

    I know CFA might be helpful if you are on an equity desk or bond desk, i know certain hedge funds like people with CFA's.

    but Overall, most traders don't really get the CFA....analysts do.

  3. consider going for CAIA

    actually interesting stuff as opposed to the CFA, and you can do it in a year.
  4. CFA is tough but too many peeps are doing it. I dont think it is as attractive as 3 years ago. unless you come from a good school.
  5. i just looked at the program, it looks like the cfa, the bootleg version
  6. CAIA and CFA 2 totally different charters.
  7. kwancy


    what are you trying to get out of from CFA??
  8. no i understand they are two different charters but it looks as if they cover similar topics and the CIAIAI looks as if it uses a similar testing format, thus for a bootlget CFA
  9. only similiarity is the "finance review" section of both level 1s, this is being phased out of CAIA's curriculum after Feb 2007 exam.
    So after that there are absolutely zero similarities outside of ethics.

    CAIA is done through Prometric testing centers, CFA still done using #2 pencil and multiple answer sheet.....
  10. if you come from a good school, there is absolutely no reason for pursuing the CFA.. you should know 90% of the material already... pursuing CFA at this point might actually cast a shadow on your "good degree"
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