CFA Level 3 Materials

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  1. Doing some house cleaning and came across my CFA materials from 2007. Figured before tossing them out I would put them on here to see if there are any takers. I'm in Chicago so a Chicago purchaser would be perfect if a handoff could be arranged.

    Here's what I have all 2007 related materials -

    The Schweser Study notes - 6 books.

    The Schweser Seminar workbook (size of a phone book) handed out at the weeklong study seminar.

    The Schweser audio notes, 22 cd's.

    The Schweser flash cards for all the LOS's.

    The workbook handed out at the Stalla mock exam seminar.

    A mock exam with answers given at the Schweser seminar.

    All of this for a whopping $50 if a handoff can be arranged or $100 if I need to ship it. PM me or send an email to

    For those sitting for the exam, best of luck!
  2. That was quick, materials sold.