CFA June 2005

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Epiphany, May 11, 2005.

  1. How is your preparation coming? What study materials are you using?

    For level I, I used Junwei notes

    For level II this year, I am using Shulman notes (2003 edition)

    Did anyone actually shell out the cash for the textbooks? Are they helpful?

    I am about 50% through the material

    Oh and this year they took out all the free response so it's all multiple choice, works for me.

    Best of luck to you all
  2. yeayo


    I failed level 1 in december. I got < 50% on all sections. The test was so ridiculously long and the envirnment so uncomfortable that i just filled in the circles and left. It felt so good to just walk away from something so stupid:D
    Good luck to you btw. I didn't prepare all, not even one minute. Soon after I registered and paid I realized that I realized it was a dumb move because I didn't want to be in that industry.