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    the CFA exam. Im curious to see if anyone has taken level I recently. Any CFA's on Elite Trader? Any test taking hints would be greatly appreicated. Thanks!
  2. go to www(dot)analystforum(dot)com
  3. While the CFA will make you more marketable, just don't expect the CFA to help your trading.
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    There's something that's always bothered me about CFAs/CFPs....why don't any of them use options. I've worked with a number of them in the past and they were all completely clueless when it came to any sort of derivative. Very disappointing. I didn't really understand why until I came across an article called "Why Planners Hate Options"

    While you're only a budding CFA, I'm curious if you agree with their assertions?
    After all, it seems to me that derivatives would be a natural course of study for anyone looking to get into asset management. But maybe that's just me....

  5. As a CFP, I think it's tough to make the case that options are a suitable investment for anyone. As a hedge, well, they are just another form of insurance, and an un necessary expense. Now if you're in that business, and given those pitfalls, why open yourself up to lawsuits, etc. Not worth the risk.

    (I'm not a CFP, but was merely trying to put myself in their shoes!)
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    Interesting. Given the lack of derivatives penetration into the advising/planning world, I suppose the bulk of planners and advisers agree with you.