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    Anyone on ET is taking the CFA June exam?

    Which level of candidate are you?

    How is your progress so far? Which study session(s) do you have the most difficulties?

    Why are you doing it?
  2. I'm taking Level III this spring and have been studying since December. I'm an unusual case, I started the program about 10 years ago, passed I and II, failed III, then went back to school to get a second Master's degree. I'm just taking it because I started it and want to finish what I started. Also, my work's paying for it along with all materials and two courses.
  3. How did you deal with the 7-year time limit, from the date of the initial registration?
  4. You just have to pay an extra fee, like signing up again.

    I've been asked this question before, as some people think there is a time limit to complete the exam.

    Directly from the CFA Website -

    Is there a time limit for candidates to complete all three levels of exam in the CFA Program?

    No. CFA Institute does not require candidates to complete the CFA Program within a specified time frame. Nor does CFA Institute limit the number of times candidates may sit for each exam level or require candidates to repeat an exam level that they already have passed, regardless of the time elapsed between exams.

    If it has been several years since I registered in the CFA Program. Will I have to pay the registration fee again?
    No. Applicants pay an initial registration fee upon entering the CFA Program. Returning candidates pay only the enrollment fee for each exam taken.
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    Was scheduled for Level II, but am bagging it this year. Plate to full something had to give. Before you give me grief I'll just say it was a very hard decision to put it off for another of luck to you and all who are taking it!

  6. OK, I see those quotes in the FAQ now, thanks. That's a change. In fact, according to, e.g., this Schweser page, for nearly 40 years since the CFA inception (in 1963), there was a 7-year time limit:

    "Prior to 2001, CFA Institute policy required candidates to reregister if they did not complete the CFA Program within seven years. Under the current policy, CFA Institute does not impose a time limit on completion of the CFA Program or limit the number of times candidates may sit for each exam level."

    Interestingly, a quick Google search shows that plenty of "reputable" websites (test prep publishers, universities) still continue to present the old rule as fact... Probably why "some people think" so to this day, incorrectly.
  7. I came under the old 7 year rule and did have to reregister to take level III when I failed. All reregistering involved was paying the registration fee again, I didn't have to start over at Level I again. That's where the confusion is, reregistering isn't starting over, it's just paying the fee again. It was always a goofy way to state it, probably a better way would have been to say you needed to pay another registration fee.
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    Not many CFA candidates on the forum ai..
  9. They are probably spending more time studying than posting on ET - I should follow their example!