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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by vansmarket, Oct 6, 2007.

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    Creating a certified traders association given that 80% of traders lose money.

    Trading and even financial speculation has a bad reputation and is looked as a bad profession to be in.

    You need at least 85% accurracy to be a certified trader. Net income is not important but rather return on capital is the key measurement of success so leverage is recommended if you are a 'professional'

    Lots of amateurs or people who only have clue of trading or professionals who blow up their account in one bad trade.


    Membership is free is only after verification of skill and trading record and 'exam'.

    There is a market technician association who are certified technical analyst and there is even a fund management course.

    So I there should be stock trader association that verifies the trading record of members. You are not a professional if you have less than 80% accurracy and not making any money.
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    This is private forum as membership is by exam and testing only.

    Don't expect more than 100 members.

  3. hahaha. Thats too funny.

    A trader gets "certified" by the Market for the most part. Good luck finding a replacement for Mister Market. Send your post to seykota.com and see what he says....