Certified Mail, Return Receipt to an IRS P.O. Box?

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  1. I need to send a copy of my form 3115 to the IRS national office today. The address I have is:

    Internal Revenue Service
    Attn: CC:IT&A (Automatic Rulings Branch)
    P.O. Box 7604
    Ben Franklin Station
    Washington, DC 20044

    I have heard rumors of problems delivering certified mail, return receipt requested, to IRS P.O. boxes......anybody had any problems with this? Should I not send it certified mail?
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    I vaguely remember having problems with sending rrr to p.o. boxes. I would send it overnight mail with fed ex or the post offices service.
  3. I was thinking fedex but i read on one of the IRS forms that third party delivery services such as Fedex cannot deliver to IRS P.O. Boxes. So I'm still leaning towards using USPS.

    But I'm still confused
  4. The only people that deliver to PO BOXES overnight is the USPS...not UPS or FED EX or any third party
  5. I believe you can call IRS and they will give an alternate address for certified mail.
  6. maybe I should send one certified mail and one non-certified mail to hedge my bets? or will that just confuse them more?
  7. I just send it first class and take my chances. :cool:
  8. what if the IRS denies ever receiving the document? what recourse do you have? anybody ever ask the post office to photocopy the envelope you're sending (and thus the postmark) right before you send it?
    that way you have a copy in case you need it
  9. *bump*......anybody ever get hassled by the IRS about proof of mailing something to them on a certain date?
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    Mail it (1st class) from a teller at the post office. They will label it(postage) with the date. Ask for a receipt, it will have the zip code of the destination.

    Keep the receipt as proof.
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