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    Hi guys !
    This is my first post on ET... It won't be a glamorous one... Sorry.
    Next time I'll try to drop by with a dazzling trading system making 2 billion % of profit a day (^_^)
    But for now, let's go a bit "down to earth".
    A recent relationship and a bit of budget mess have completely eaten all my capital.
    I'm left with nothing left to trade :(
    So I need to work my ass off and save a nice stack before going back to trading again...
    So, to get more opportunities (and $$$) at work, I'm thinking about taking the CFA, the CAIA and aside, some certification in Technical Analysis. (I know that's gonna be quite a big load of home work).
    Regarding T.A , I've heard about the CMT and CFTe.
    How do they compare ?
    Do you know any other certification like those in T.A. ?
    According to you, which one is the best in term of reputation ?
    Many thx in advance and good trading to yall !

    P.S: Of course, this is only to improve my resume... I know this is not going to make me a better trader !!!
  2. 1) They're not taken seriously by anybody. Focus on gaining expereince before wasting time on "bogus" certfications.
    2) They won't "improve" your resume'. You'll be seen as a psuedo-credentialed fool. :(
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    Depends on where you want to work and what you want to do. If you want to get a job in the investment industry the CMT is viewed as voo-doo witch craft. The CFA is held in high regard. If you want to trade for a living you don't need either.