Certificate of Birth = Certificate of Impeachment

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Apr 27, 2011.

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  2. 377OHMS


    Oh for fuck's sake now the BC isn't good enough?
  3. Ricter


    Surely you knew this was coming. Anything can be faked, or if it can't then the certifier can be compromised.
  4. Mike Savage said yesterday! that O would come out with something fake if he had to. A seer.

    Interesting this forensic stuff. But I'm still not convinced. You mean to tell me they created this out of bits and pieces of other docs?

    The Hawaii people would know this and would have to be silent about it. That's a lot of silence.
  5. How would the Hawaiian people know? Also, there hasnt been much silence now, has there?
  6. obviously, Im talking about the people in the records office, not the surfers and pineapple sellers.
  7. pspr


    LOL. Maybe that's how the Hawaii Health Dept. puts the form on watermarked paper - With a computer generation.

    There's still odd things such as why spend millions defending against it's release in various courts, why didn't he release it two years ago when the rumors started flying, why did he let an Army Captain go to prison last year when it could have been avoided by providing the BC then.

    I would say that unless the people in the Hawaii Department of Health start denying this is authentic that it has to be accepted as authentic. Especially if it compares to a BC someone else born in 1961 who gets a new copy for comparison. I'm sure it is being research as we speak.
  9. Elder000


    I find it "strange"

    that President would wait so long to release it
    I think it may be that CIA has created a bogus document. CIA has an entire branch capable of creating paper evidence to fool other countries and now they are fooling their own citizens.
  10. Here is a thought; President Eisenhower never had a BC, yet he signed the act making HE a state: Is that act valid?

    The world wonders.


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