CERN Discovers Neutrinos That Travel Faster Than Light... FTL Possible

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    Sean Carroll thinks it is probably a mis-calibration somewhere:

    If true, it would be on the front page of every newspaper in the world, and it would be talked about for months on every scientific journal in the world. It is that unlikely.

    But who knows? Neutrinos are extremely weird and could point to new physics. I have always thought that the distinction between fermions and bosons was too narrow (SuperSymmetry says they are not different). Neutrinos may be something else altogether, or at least a weird hybrid. Maybe neutrinos are tachyon "decay" that crossed some threshold physics and in fact are slowing down, just that they slow down slightly faster than light? In other words, these are not particles that were accelerated past the speed of light, but particles that slowed down to the speed of light. It could also prove higher dimensions which would show no violation of the speed of light but that particles took higher dimensional shortcuts. The implications are enormous.

    Neutrino switches here we come. CSCO JNPR and the whole fiber optic world would be wondering how to make neutrino electronics - or neutonics :)
  3. It made a lot of headlines...

    According to your source...

    Fermilabs also noticed the same thing... CERN gives a 6 sigma (Standard Deviation) to the event so it isn't a small statistical anomaly...

    A mis-calibration is possible considering how complicated every piece of equipment at CERN is but I doubt it.
  4. I didn't read all the references but it would be interesting to know just how much faster these particles.
  5. I think everyone might be wondering why neutrinos can go faster than light (besides experimental error)...

    Here is a theory...

    Personally, I hope the results hold up to further scrutiny...
  6. Well yeah they say that in the article but they should give it in actual speed measurement that everyone can understand...

    According to same Wiki source...

    I'll try and do a metric calculation and hopefully I get it right... :D

    Speed of Light... "c" = 299792458 m/s or 299792.458 km/s...

    We will multiply this by 1/40000, and get 7.4948 km/s... Which means that the neutrinos are travelling about 7.5 kilometers (or about 4.68 miles) per second faster than the speed of light.
  7. 186,000 miles per second times 1.000025 = 186,004.65.
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    So, does all this mean Obama won't win reelection?
  9. I wonder how this correlates with the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle>
  10. Total cost of this giant POS is roughly $4 billion.

    CERN was suppose to find the Higgs boson, they didn't. What a waste of money.

    For $4 billion a space elevator could've been built out in the Pacific.
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