CEO pay - thanks Board of Directors!

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    "The AP review of compensation for the heads of companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 index finds the median pay package added up to nearly $8.4 million. That's a comfortable gain of about $280,000 from 2006."

    So the deal is this:

    If the company does well during a booming economy, we take the credit and get nice booming raises from the increased business.

    And if the company does lousy during economic bust times, we get nice booming raises from the shareholders pockets.

    Why pay for the B.O.D.'s at all - just put bobble-heads in the chairs - same thing.
  2. .....twenty-four carat gold, diamond-encrusted bobbleheads would be appropriate! :cool:
  3. They only CEO's I respect are those that get paid on performance. All of them should be like salespeople,small base and good bonus for performance. The CEO of Jet Blue comes to mind. When they screwed up he went on tv soon after and admitted so and took responsibility. That's a lot more than I can say for most public company officers.