CEO of Shadow stats predicts hyperinflation in 6 months

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    Hard to imagine life as we know it might be really different in 6 months, but at the rate bonds are falling apart, it could cause a worldwide panic and people just might lose all faith in the dollar in a very short amount of time.
  2. UUP is up 5% in the last two months

  3. how can that be if IMF loans denominated in USD?

    I can see case for USD up and not down as natural flows into USD.

    Buying US bonds does not affect exchange rate negatively because payments of interest in USD - paper can always be printed.

    Different ball game if payments in some other currency. Which is the case with IMF loans.
  4. and yet food, oil and precious metals are up more than that.

    Dont let them fool you. With the world printing money, we could very well be paying $50 for a gallon of milk, $75 for a gallon of gas, and $10,000 for an ounce of gold and still have the dollar index rising to 120.
  5. IMF uses SDRs. And although SDRs are priced in dollars, the nominal value is priced in a basket of currencies.
  6. thanks for clarification, was sure was USD. Hovewer, 63% of SDR is still USD and supports USD.

    Didint study in details total value of loans that was distributed (numbers may not be exact anyway) but passion & ease with which these types of loan are offered during GFC suggests they must be good deal for lenders and bad deal for borrower. It is all hidden in tiny print.

    Still not enough evidence for hyperinflation. I see evidence from other side. In shop, you buy flower for 4.50, but in other shop similar flower at 0.95. If you take price of first see inflation, if second, deflation. If people reckless, will get one for 4.50, but if careful one for 0.95.
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    That report is a year old!! Originally written in 2008 and updated in 2009.
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  9. Sorry about that...CEO recently said hyperinflation in 6 months and I quickly pulled that report when I saw the 2010 update. I'll look around again and see if I can find another updated version because it was just recently he said that.
  10. The whole concept is stupid, what is the point of posting trash from clearly irrational people ? Are you people insane ?
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