Central Florida traders??

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  1. Come onnnnnnn, not EVERYONE is broke in Florida..

    St. Petersburg, FL reporting

  2. Ok, I guess we are.....
  3. Orlando is Central floirida...St. pete????? barely:D
  4. Nah...St Pete is close to Tampa and Tampa is close to Orlando...so it can be considered Central Florida.

    South Florida here...
  5. ...so by your standards, Orlando is close to Daytona which is on the ocean....SO IM PART OF AN OCEAN COMMUNITY!! lol:p
  6. gdrew77


    I'm in Tampa and trade the QM, ZS, and ZN intraday from home and office.

  7. Yeah, I remember you Orlando... :)

    Glad to know we have some people in the area.

    Are you guys originally from FL?
  8. Exactly!!!! Best of both worlds...and don't forget, you also have Lake Okeechobee nearby.

    Seriously though...it depends upon how many quadrants you view in an area. Florida is pretty narrow so I see it as either South, Central, or North.
  9. gimp570


    I take it you trade from your office...Not a trading office...Right?

    I dont think there are any trading offices left in the area

    I wish there was

  10. bighog

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    tampa is more like a regular city, etc. St Pete is for beach bums.
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