Central Florida Traders Group Forming

Discussion in 'Trading' started by agin1415, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. Got a few interested parties for a meeting - in the Orlando Area - for an informal Traders Group.

    The Group would meet once a month to exchange ideas and trading tips and just a regular get together of people with common interests in Trading.

    If you are interested PM me or post here - looking at a Mid Jan to late Jan 02 First meeting.

  2. If there is any interest, I am going to be in Orlando for a March 2nd meeting, and would be glad to stop by a traders meeting, answer questions, and socialize a bit.

    Let me know (I'll keep the "sales pitch" to a low roar). :)
  3. Honda


    I'm interested.:p
  4. I'm also interested. I am a new trader located about two hours away in ..... you guessed it, Sarasota, FL.
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    when and where? any cost?
  6. mrdpts


    I am interested......Keep me posted.
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  8. What I mean by informal is that we are a group that meets and we don't charge dues, just meet at a restaurant and get a seperate room to talk and chat about what we are doing. Exchange Ideas about Trading.
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    It is a free investment club with hundreds of members. You can network with members there to find people to form a little group to chat.
  10. The One

    The One

    I'll be there
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