Central Florida Day Traders Group Forming

Discussion in 'Trading' started by agin1415, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. I am interested in forming a local Day Traders Group (Orlando Area) we could meet on a Monthly basis.

    Thought it might be fun to have regular meetings and exchange ideas on day and swing trading and possibly invite guest speakers.

    Anyone interested send me a message here.
  2. Im in miami.....if you set it up; I would sure be ineterested..Let me know......
  3. I would be open to making it a Florida Group and we have sub groups in Central and South Florida - that could get together for a mass meeting at some point.
  4. janko


    i'm in, i'm right in orlando, so i'd be up for that, that would be pretty cool i think. do you work for a firm localy here or just on your own?
  5. PKJR


    count me in :)
  6. Honda


    Sounds good. I'm interested:D
  7. tom_p


    Just got back from a week's vacation in Southern Florida based in Boca Raton. I'm seriously considering moving down there, so please post details of any future activities.
  8. As soon as we get up to a good number of Traders I'll schedule a first meeting. We'll probably shoot for a time (soon after) the Holidays. If you like send me an Email at : richmond45@yahoo.com or PM me here.
  9. I seen this thread & felt was a good idea to mention, there is a group in Tampa Fla........i hear its pretty large 200+- members & have meetings 1 time a mo.........I am speaking on January 26th for them.........its a saturday...........if you want to attend or plug into thier meetings or ask to start your own chapter working with them, they attract big names to speak for them is why I say this & plugging into a successful system would help you grow easier you could go to www.cornerstoneinvestorsnetwork.com

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    Sounds great - count me in too.
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