Central banks.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Debaser82, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Many central banks around the world are listed on the stockmarket.

    Does anyone buys them or thinking about buying them?

    Any idea on the tickers?

  2. Salmonn


    oh I see you angle

    buy the only thing that can never fail because of endless paper money supply :p
  3. Daal


    What about asking the source that gave you this information
  4. I only know central banks are listed because the central bank in my own country is listed (Belgium) but I have failed to track down others although information points to the fact that there are many.
  5. sjfan


    None of the major central banks are listed. Belgium is the only one I know that has a listing; I recall shareholders were quite angry with the fact that a lot of the bank's income were diverted to the government controlled shares.

  6. gbos


    Greek central bank is listed. In this case also a lot of the bank's income is disproportionaly allocated to the gov controlled shares.
  7. sjfan


    It stands to reason that central banks are terrible private sector investments. When the going's good, the government takes the cash (after all, every politician is susceptible to "secret banking conspiracy owns our central bank is taking all the cash. see! here's the filing!").