Central Banks Tell Markets: "You’re On Your Own Now"

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Bugsy, Sep 21, 2020.

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    Probably because of this
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  3. Powell initially tried to pare down the Fed's balance sheet and raise rates... which he should have done.

    Then he acquiesced to political pressures from Trump to print money and provide ridiculous liquidity for the markets.

    Glad to see he's not pressing that "meme" and is (at least temporarily) exercising some restraint (at least until Trump has another hissy-fit that the Fed "isn't printing enough to get me re-elected".)
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    :rolleyes: Hissy fit? We ain’t seen one yet. The Fed doesn’t elect the president..ROFLMAO. Just wait for the hissy fit (From dems) when Mr T wins by a landslide. He will win electoral by landslide. He will win popular too but it may not be by landslide. Not only will there be many hissy fits but many crocodile tears........they made their bed now they gotta lay in it.....they built their little blue wagon now they gotta pull it......LOL
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  5. Hope you're correct.

    A win of the WH and control of Congress will be the death knell of America.
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    Can't wait .... for reality to return. And Central Banksters to have their hands tied somehow someway.
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    They will never have their "hands tied somehow someway".
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    :rolleyes: Never is a long time.
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    I hope you are right. God help the US if the Republicans lose both the presidency and the senate.
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