Central banks raising rates to quickly? Nah. If anything they are too low!

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    Yep he thinks rates are rising too quickly in an economy that people think is one of the best we have ever had!!!
    So let's keep rates at 0% forever and ever and ever, right? ......rates should be significantly higher at this time...he's lucky they are still floating under 5%

    No worries he'll get his wish when the economy slows to a halt and stocks collapse...the fed will easily erase all those fed rate increases in a few meetings back to 0% to start the economic engine all over again.....

    Trump says he doesn't like what the Fed is doing, central bank is going too fast in raising rates

    • President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he does not like the Federal Reserve's decision to continue to hike interest rates.
    • "I don't want to slow it down even a little bit" when there are no signs of inflation, the president added, referring to the economy.

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    I've noticed that whenever there's a top or a bearish breeze or whatever, and then the sun comes up? The market goes down.

    I think we should ban the sun coming up. :wtf: