Central Banks Are Propping Up Stock Prices

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    there are few if any Central Banks independent from politicians/
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    notice the use of words 'propping up'... as if this is something illegit..and gold bugs bitcoin bugs may use this and go - lookie, they are printing the dollar to worth nothing, buy gold/bitcoin now.

    the public is brain washed like this.... the dumb money is way long in gold and bitcoin, and short in stocks.

    if you just step back and look at the picture... if interest rate is 2-3% or lower, and stocks are yielding 6, only idiots will not borrow every dollar possible to buy stocks.

    doesn't matter central banks are in the same pants with politicians or not... money is everyone's goal... you being on ET trying to make a buck is just as evil as the banks 'propping up' stocks... if that is called 'evil' at all...

    the question is what do you do about it... with this interest rate SP should be at 5000 right now, what's your plan.
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    where is the 6% yield?
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    earnings yield.

    div is irrelevant. the trend in recent years is companies reward shareholders with buybacks instead of divs, for the tax defer.
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    it sounds like an accurate statement. only fools try to pick a market top.
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  7. It’s funny because these doom and gloom guys have been calling a top for the past 10 years.
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  8. BPT=>19% yield;
    decided not to buy that one, already have dividend payers, +better charts:cool::cool:
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    Large amounts of money were made on the short side in the last 10 years e.g.bio pharma etc.
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    Thank you for giving us this tip. Last I checked this morning, yields 25.14%. I can double my money in 3 years! What is not to like?
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