Central america...

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  1. What is a good country in central america to live in?

    Costa rica?

    I want good health care... educated population.. english speaking population... warm weather... hot latina girls with tanned skins.. nice beaches... cheap booze!

    There is simply too many idiots in this country.. no not bernanke and paulson.. just the average Joe.

    Enough is enough I can't take it anymore!
  2. I haven't been there, but I hear Panama is the hotspot in Central America right now. Costa Rica is nice, but perhaps a bit more expensive. I am not sure which would have more reliable internet service, but that ought to be a key component in your decision making process.
  3. Margarita Island...

    Get a nice catamaran... Stop paying taxes and be a pirate...
  4. yeah ..
  5. hands down Costa Rica