CentCom unusually busy this weekend.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Matt24SPFL, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. DrEvil


    If you see Guiliani lurking around then run! He has a talent for showing up at the exact location and moment of terrorist attacks.
  2. You do remember Guliani was in the Tampa bay area this last week, don't you?

    Yeah yeah, i know the markets are up but we are due for another Hegelian Act.
  3. DrEvil


    Maybe Guiliani is the mothman ... he appears as a prophet to warn of imminent danger ...

    The way he managed to just be right outside one of the underground stations in london just as the bomb went off was sheer briilliance. What are the odds of that? My calculator can't compute that many zeros! It's a shame he can't run for mayor of london and run for american president at the same time. What a guy.
  4. Khahahahahahahahahahaha. Psychic I tell you...The rat look alike is psychic.